Mimic Wraith

On rare occasions a being will survive a mimic vine's attack and bind with the plant (click here for information on mimic vines). This usually happens when a magical item that protects the life essence of the victim is present. The resulting creature maintains its life essence, but gains the hunger of the mimic plant.

With little exception, wraith are bound to the area near the magic that created the mimic plant and hunt any animal they can get for their life essence. Like mimic plants, the larger and more intelligent the animal, the more it is desired.

Whatever skills the being had prior to being taken by the mimic vines remain after turning into a wraith. A mimic wraith who was an archer will be able to shoot their bow and attack with the vines. A wizard wraith would have their collection of spells and the vines. Typically the magic that keeps a fighter alive is in their armor or weapon. Fighter wraiths typically have magic armor and weapons plus high level skills.

If the magic possessed by a wraith is powerful enough to sustain the mimic vines in its body, the wraith can travel away from the spot it was created. Otherwise it is stuck in the area (often a magic saturated area like a temple) and cannot leave. If it is able to leave, it must carry the mimic plant with it and thus its movement is slow.

On a rare occasion an animal will be transformed into a wraith. This usually happens when someone purposely places a magic item on the animal that will keep it alive and then force it into a large mass of mimic vines. This is usually done to create a guard to treasure.

This rare event can also happen if the creature's natural magic is strong enough to keep it alive while infected with mimic vines. It is not unheard of to encounter a unicorn wraith. It attacks as a unicorn and with the mimic vines. Because the unicorn's horn is the most powerful natural magic to exist, the unicorn wraith is able to carry the mimic plant on its back and is not tied to one location.

If the mimic vines that form a wraith detect a more powerful magic item or creature, they will try and take over that victim as its host and leave the current host once the other character is subdued and infected.

Due to the unusual magical properties of Froghaven, a mimic wraith cannont survive there for more than a few days before the vines in their body become strong enough to kill the host and turn them into a mimic. Thus mimic wraiths are very rare in Froghaven.

A party member in an adventure can fall to mimic vines and be converted to a mimic wraith if their magic item will sustain their health. At that time, the hunger for the life essence of the other members will drive the wraith to attack them.

In combat—even though the vines and wraith are one entity—treat the mimic wraith as though there were two encounters. The being converted into the wraith attacks and takes damage and the mimic vines that created the wraith attack and receive damage. The wraith has complete control over the vines and may use them to grab or throw in addition to attacking.

Stats: same as victim or NPC/encounter except movement is halved (or limited to area—see above description), -2 to intelligence, -2 to wisdom and -2 to dexterity.

Skills: same as character infected

Hit Dice: same as infected character

Aromor Class: Same as infected character (minimum of 10)

  1. Mimic Vines
  2. Magical attack if infected victim is a magic using class
  3. Weapon

Mimic Vine Hit Dice: 8D8

Mimic Vine Armor Class: 10

# Vine Attacks: 8
Vine Damage: 2d6+2 + Special: Fortitude save or lose 1 con (con loss recover 1 per day)
Reach: 20'

Vine Strength 
Vine Dexterity
Vine Constitution
Vine Intelligence
Vine Wisdom
Vine Charisma



Special: Fire damage to mimic vines (+5).

If 3/4 HP of Vines are done by fire they will retreat from the host and attempt to escape.

These stats are just our interpretation of the characters. If you wish to adjust them, please have fun doing so.

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