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Role-Play Gnome Legends

For those of you who would like to play Gnome Legends™ with existing D20 systems, we put together a few things on this page that should help you do that. If it's not on this page, you'll have to use existing material from somewhere else or create it yourself. Sorry. That said, we believe we've given you enough to adventure with some of the characters and have some of the encounters that exist in the world of Gnome Legends™.

If you role-play using a D100 system, multiply the stat numbers by 5 and make changes where necessary.

The world of Gnome Legends exists only a few hundred years after the Great Battle between two wizards that introduced magic to the world. Those wizards are long gone and the sides of the war have dissolved over time.

This young world only has a handful of races. The most dominant are the Gnomes and Elves (whatever system you're playing should already have good stats for these races).

Note: there are apps for smart phones and tablets that will simulate dice rolls for you. Many of them include all the polyhedrals you'll need for role-play games. If you don't have dice, this could be a very good substitute.

Brancher/Frog Rider
Mimic/Mimic Vine
Mimic Wraith

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