Meremi are found only in the lake of Froghaven. They tend to be shorter than Elves and taller than Gnomes. It is unclear from which race they originate—they have larger, rounded ears like Gnomes' ears and their ears nearly point at the ends like Elves' ears. They have a greater dexterity than Elves and ride far greater than Gnomes. They have a thick leathery (almost reptilian) skin that provides some natural protection. What distinguishes them from the Branchers is that they have webbed fingers, fins off their feet and they breathe water.

Because they rose in the magic saturated waters of Froghaven, Meremi are not affected by magic and cannot manipulate magic. An attack by a Meremi using a magic item is the same as a non-magical version of the item. Any attack on them via magic in turn is reduced to what it would be if it were not magic—a magical sword is just a sword. A Meremi's attack using a standard weapon will attack a magic being as though the item were magic. No plusses added to the attack, but if a creature requires a magic item to be attacked, the Meremi can attack with a normal item and do the regular damage of the weapon. Magic spells that utilize things like fire or ice—since those have properties outside of magic—will do half damage to the Meremi. Magic potions do not affect Meremi, but healing potions do help them (just as the potions affect others) because all healing potions have water from Froghaven's lake as their key element.

Meremi are able to survive in the air for several hours before having to return to the water.

Meremi are skilled at riding large marine creatures. Their weapons are typically spears and knives dipped in the toxins of poisonous marine life.

Character classes (Guard, Ranger, Fighter, Rogue)

Hit Points: 3D6

Note: stats in parentheses are for NPC and random encounters.



  1. Immune to magic (i.e. sleep, charm, etc. but not physical side effects (heat/cold/missile etc. damage is halved)
  2. Breathe water and able to remain above the water for up to 4 hours
  3. Magic weapons inflict only normal damage (no pluses to hit or damage)
  4. Natural armor (scale mail)
  5. Immune to contact poisons 
  6. Negate magic (e.g. can use as normal weapons)

Innate Skill bonuses:

  1. Swimming +10
  2. Jumping +1 (above water)
  3. Climbing +2 (above water)
  4. Balance +1
  5. Move Silent +1
  6. Hide +1
  7. Listen +1

Knife 1D6*
Spear: 1D6*
*Poison: Save vs. Paralysis

Armor: Scale Mail (made from marine creatures & Natural)

These stats are just our interpretation of the characters. If you wish to adjust them, please have fun doing so.

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