Runes & Realms: Gnome Legends

In an enchanted world filled with magical creatures, a young gnome king along with those sworn to protect him fight to reclaim the kingdom’s lost crown and bring stability back to the realm.

Plus, the wizard Drachman meets a young wizard’s apprentice, Crissins, and joins her on a quest for her family’s magical blood-tied stone.


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Gnome Legends: The Timeless Crystal

A time traveler from the 1890’s stumbles upon the world of Gnome Legends™.

An unknown force is causing the giant crystals of Froghaven to grow at an incredible rate, endangering Froghaven, Sanctuary Point and eventually everyone.

Coming in 2019.


The How-To Book for Artists Who Can’t Draw

A fun and easy to follow workbook that uses a coloring book to begin developing eye-hand skills and then gives easy to follow exercises designed to help the true beginner learn to draw.

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