Gnome Legends: Exilegl_exile

The story of a boy king in exile after his parents are killed in a coup.

Young King Logan must stay alive in a dangerous and magical world with the protection and guidance of those sworn to protect him until he is able to reclaim his family’s lost crown.

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Gnome Legends: Froghaven & the Blood-Tied Stone

Now a few years older, King Logan and his party must battle a deadly Mimic Wraith to retrieve his sword from the giant forest of Froghaven while Queen Shellina moves to rid herself of Logan and expand her power over the region.

Plus, the wizard Drachman meets a young wizard’s apprentice, Crissins, and joins her on a quest for her family’s magical blood-tied stone.

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Gnome Legends: The Timeless Crystal

A time traveler from the 1890’s stumbles upon the world of Gnome Legends.

An unknown force is causing the giant crystals of Froghaven to grow at an incredible rate, endangering Froghaven, Sanctuary Point and eventually everyone.

Coming in 2018.



The How-To Book for Artists Who Can’t Draw

A fun and easy to follow workbook that uses a coloring book to begin developing eye-hand skills and then gives easy to follow exercises designed to help the true beginner learn to draw.

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