A little information about
Downtime Reads™

Downtime Reads™ are sci-fi and fantasy books about half the length of a standard novel—just long enough to satisfy your need for a good story and just short enough to be read in a day or two. They’re written to be family friendly and perfect for downtime (vacations, lunch, waiting rooms, etc.). And though these books are great for all ages, they are perfect for upper middle-grade readers and older reluctant readers.

The books strike a balance between stories adults can enjoy and writing not too mature for children ten and older (tamer than much of what is on TV). The shorter page counts make the books perfect to take to the doctor’s office, bring on a trip, read at lunch or enjoy before bedtime.

The shorter page counts along with the more mature story lines also make the books perfect as a hi-lo read to help improve reading skills or as a YA read for reluctant readers.