Guest Post on Carrie Dalby's Blog

Writer and Friend Carrie Dalby allowed me to guest post on her blog site. Click here to check it out!

Carrie's two young adult novels, Fortitude (historical) and Corroded (contemporary), were published by Anaiah Press's Surge imprint. Fortitude is listed as a "Best Books" for kids with Grateful American Foundation for its historical accuracy and being an engaging read for fifth through tenth graders. Corroded has the honor of being one of my family's favorite novels.

The Meeting of Art and Words

Ivy Logan posted a really nice article about my work—my art and writing—and me on her Books And Me Blog.

Please check it out:

Q&A With Carrie Dalby

A questions and answers session with writer Carrie Dalby.

Which came first, the story or the art?

What do you do when creativity pulls you in different directions?

Things to Ponder from the INSCRIBABLES

For more thoughts on art and writing, check out the INSCRIBABLES.

Joining forces to inspire and inform aspiring writers and artists.

This group of successful writers and artists have teamed up to educate, inform and encourage the creative young.

The Inscribables have pulled together all of their tools and wisdom in an effort to help young aspiring writers and artists build on their talents and develop their skills—for fun, seeking employment or wishing to be published.

In addition to maintaining a website filled with useful information and helpful tips, the team occasionally assembles to present groups of young people with panels and workshops designed to help them hone their craft or trade.

Topics include:
  • The Writing Process—plotting, characterization, setting, POV, dialogue, conflict, and research & revision.
  • The Path to Publication—writing & illustration, the creative process, editing & self-publishing, organizations & mentors, working with an agent, and pitching to an agent/editor.
  • Visual Inspiration—using visuals to inspire your story.
  • Getting Started—storyboards, character lists, outlines and more.

The future of art and literature is in the hands of the young. We should do everything within our power to help them succeed.

Click here to check out the Inscribables site.

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