STEVEN MOORE has traveled to several countries and been to numerous states within the U.S., but has lived most of his life near the Gulf Coast of Alabama. He currently resides in Loxley, Alabama with his wife (Robina), daughter (Anna), two dogs (Tator and Tottie) and cat (Allergy).

At a young age, inspired by the incredible artistic talents of his older brother, he began drawing. He has created art as a professional artist (working mostly with ad specialties and screen-printing) and for his own enjoyment (having a preference for Science Fiction and Fantasy).

He has always tried to tell a story with his art. The Gnome Legends™ series was his first use of words as an artistic medium.

Steven Moore has joined forces with other writers to create the INSCRIBABLES. A group of successful writers and artists who have teamed up to educate, inform and encourage the creative young.

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