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Downtime Reads™

So—what exactly are Downtime Reads™? We're so glad you asked.

Downtime Reads™ are exciting sci-fi and fantasy stories written to be family friendly and perfect for downtime (vacations, lunch, waiting rooms, etc.). They're just long enough to satisfy your need for a good story and just short enough to be read in a day or two.

Though these books are great for all ages, they are perfect for upper middle-grade readers and older reluctant readers.

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Joining forces to inspire and inform
aspiring writers and artists.
The Blood-Tied Stone

Talla, the court historian from the The Lost Crown series returns—telling the story of how Crissins met the dragon wizard Drachman and their quest to find her family's blood-tied magic stone.

A stand-alone Downtime Read™.

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The How-To Book for Artists Who Can't Draw—
plus: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Coloring Book

Original Sci-Fi & Fantasy coloring pages have been added to a How-To Draw workbook to make learning to draw fun.

This is the perfect coloring book for anyone who loves sci-fi & fantasy and coloring—filled with fun, original artwork.

But it doesn't stop there. For those wishing to learn to draw, this is a great beginner's workbook—using the coloring pages as a starting point to ease the student into working with art.

Learn to draw sci-fi, fantasy and comic book characters with art and instruction from Steven Moore. This book was literally written for people who believe they cannot learn to draw.


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