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Downtime Reads™

So—what exactly are Downtime Reads™? We're so glad you asked.

Downtime Reads™ are exciting sci-fi and fantasy stories written to be family friendly and perfect
for downtime (vacations, lunch, waiting rooms, etc.). They're just long enough to satisfy your need for
a good story and just short enough to be read in a day or two.

Though these books are great for all ages, they are perfect for upper middle-grade readers and older
reluctant readers.

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Joining forces to inspire and inform
aspiring writers and artists.
Downtime Reads
Gnome Legends: Short Story Adventures
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The How-To Book for Artists Who Can't Draw—
plus: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Coloring Book

Original Sci-Fi & Fantasy coloring pages have been added to a How-To Draw workbook to make learning to draw fun.

This is the perfect coloring book for anyone who loves sci-fi & fantasy and coloring—filled with fun, original artwork.

But it doesn't stop there. For those wishing to learn to draw, this is a great beginner's workbook—using the coloring pages as a starting point to ease the student into working with art.

Learn to draw sci-fi, fantasy and comic book characters with art and instruction from Steven Moore. This book was literally written for people who believe they cannot learn to draw.


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